Exciting new features in NextJS 14

What’s New in Next.js 14?

So you’ve heard about the latest version of NextJS? Here’s some of the things you’re missing out on by sticking with Next 13:

  1. Turbopack: Speedy Local Development
  • Next.js 14 introduces Turbopack, an underlying Rust engine that significantly improves local development performance.
  • With 5,000 integration tests passing for both App and Pages Router, Turbopack ensures stability and reliability.
  • Practical benchmarks show:
    • Up to 53.3% faster local server startup.
    • Up to 94.7% speedier code updates with Fast Refresh.
  • Expect consistent performance gains when using next dev --turbo
  1. Server Actions (Stable)
  • Next.js 14 enhances server actions, making building backend endpoints alongside frontend code easier.
  • Progressively enhanced mutations allow simple function calls or native-form interactions.
  • Integrated with caching and revalidating, Server Actions streamline data handling.
  1. Partial Prerendering (Preview)
  • An experimental feature, partial prerendering, optimizes dynamic content.
  • It generates a fast initial static response while streaming dynamic content.
  • This feature aims to improve performance and user experience.
  1. Next.js Learn (New)
  • Vercel offers a free course teaching various Next.js concepts:
    • App Router: Learn how to navigate between pages.
    • Authentication: Understand user authentication.
    • Databases: Explore database integration and management.
  • Whether you’re new to Next.js or want to deepen your knowledge, this course is a valuable resource.

To summarize, Next.js 14 focuses on refining existing features, improving performance, and simplifying developer workflows. Whether you’re building a small project or a large-scale application, these enhancements empower you to create better web experiences. Upgrade today or start a new project using npx create-next-app@latest ! 🌟

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